Mark's Dungeons and Dragons Pages

Adventure Design - Years of experience distilled into scant few pages.

Daddy & Daughter Dungeons & Dragons - Passing it on to the next generation...

Simplified D&D rules that I used when I played with my daughters.

The Elemental Planes Adventure that I did with my grade-school daughters. Includes writeups on most of the planes and a synopsis of what actually happened. (Unfinished.)

Evandor's Stuff - Writeups, history, notes, spells, etc. for the Wizard character I'm currently playing: A 12 and a half year old Wizard who dropped out of Fighter school to persue his love of books.

Mark's Alternate Random Treasure Generator - A variant on the DMG approach, more formula-based and a tich simpler.

Reflections on Playing a Bard - Experiences playing a Bard in the 3.5 edition of D&D.

Keeping the PCs humble - Includes sections on draining levels, taking away the toys, and devilish cursed item combinations.

Additional XP rewards - Some alternative things you could give XP awards for and in so doing, encourage behaviors that you'd like to see more often.

Articulating Your Alignment - Some synonyms for traditional D&D alignments that can help you to detail your character's persona a little better. Also includes examples of famous characters or people that seem to fit a perticular alignment.

Webcomics inspired by D & D. A little light reading between supplement releases. :-)