Fudge Fright Check Table

I always liked the Fright Check table in GURPS and noticed there wasn't an official one for Fudge so I made my own. It is decidedly less intricate and therefore a bit more Fudge-y.

Here's how you use it:

  1. When something frightening occurs, have the PCs roll a mental/emotional stat (e.g. Willpower, Spirit, Composure) vs. some target number that represents the intensity of the scare.
  2. If they succeed, great! If they fail, calculate the degree of failure and consult the 'Failed by' column.
  3. Consult the 'Result' column to see the in-game effects of the fright they experience.
  4. If you're looking for some flavor text to explain the in-game result, roll a single Fudge die and consult the appropriate 'flavor' column.
Failed by Result [+] flavor [ ] flavor [-] flavor
0 Nothing cool & collected cool collected
-1 No actions for 1 round stunned scream histrionics
-2 Escape by closest means run run screaming drop everything & run screaming
-3 Immobile until "save ends" (make fortitude/health check round-by round) dry heave catatonic faint
-4 or worse -1 to all rolls until cleaned up + mockery vomit wet yourself soil yourself