Geek Friends

Visit my wonderfully geeky wife's website. That's right, I married a geek. A keeper. No, you can't have her. website of my friend Clint DeYoung.

Here's, home of a good buddy o' mine named Tim Riker: the world's most consumate puzzle-solver.

This link will take you to the Website of a buddy o' mine named Anthony, a big FreeBSD fan.

Here's a link to the homepage of another geeky buddy o' mine named Doug James, former Marine, sci-fi / fantasy fan, Linux sysadmin, and avid gamer.

'Nother pal-o-mine who goes back a long time is Jaxon Price. He has quite the collection of short stories on his web site.

A talented programmer and chessplayer, here is Eric Gingell's website (AKA Lord Raven's domain).