The Gravedigger

Real Name: Cuthbert Taylor Winters

Attributes (80)

(10) ST 11
(30) DX 13
(30) IQ 13 (+1 [14] for Will rolls)
(10) HT 11 (+1 [12], Fit)
(5) SN 11 (Alertness)

Basic dmg: Thrust: 1d-1, Swing 1d+1

Move: 6, Dodge: 6, Parry: 7, Block: -

Advantages 64

10 Medium (thinks he's talking to people he buried, maybe he is)
10 Spirit Empathy
5 Alertness
5 Fit
10 Toughness
10 Night Vision
10 Patron - Mortuary / Graveyard
4 Strong Will

Disadvantages -40

-10 Cat Magnet ("Confounded cats, always followin' me around... G'on, git away!")
-5 Curious (could feasibly go up to 10)
-10 Struggling
-5 Social Stigma: Welsh Gravedigger , -1 reac (has the accent and carries shovel around, so people know, calls his shovel "Old Girl")
-5 Bad Smell: Stench of Decay, -1 reac
-5 OPH: snorting, wheezing, -1 reac (laughs with hoarse cackle that descends to coughing fits)

Quirks -5

Refers to himself as "Grandpa"
Always on about burying people: Whoever you're talking about, he's sure he buried them last week; Any time he sees somebody that's sleeping / wounded, says "Oh this one's ready for buryin'"
When he meets people, always talks about the size / shape of coffin they would require
Whatever place your talking about, he's heard that it's haunted -- And he's interested
Wants to look after teammates like a protective father / big brother


Can spend up to 11 points
Shovel (P/A): 4pts = 14
Fast-Draw - Shovel (P/E): 2pts = 14
Black Powder Weapons?


Voice: Welsh / Cockney hybrid, somewhat like the farmer on Are You Being Served Again. Uses dipthongs where single vowels would be ("I've heard" becomes "Oi've heard"). Frequent glottal-stops ("Got to go" becomes "Go'a go"). Drops the 'H' from beginning of words ("Hello, Henry" becomes "'Allo, 'Enry"). Voice has a hollowy, raspy sound to it.

What are his motivations? - Some possibilities follow. A lot of these could be 'Obsession' or 'Compulsive Behavior'.

Heres my quirks scratchpad for this guy. This is the quirk-brainstorming that I did for this character.

Shovel (Weilding): P/A, Defaults to: DX-5

Using a heavy, unbalanced shovel as a weapon.

(patterned after Great Axe, Broadsword, Quarterstaff)

Cost: ~$100 Weight: 5 lbs. Min ST: 11
Swing attack: Type: crush Dmg: sw+2 Reach: 1
Thrust attack: Type: cut Dmg: tr+2 Reach: 1,2*

Notes: Requires two hands to use, one turn to ready. Must be readied to switch from long grip to short grip for extra reach in thrusting manuver. Parry is 1/2 skill.