Paranoid Cowboy

Remuel Zippowitz

ST 10  
DX 14 45
IQ 12 20
HT 10  
SN 10  

Sharpshooter (45)
Combat Reflexes (15)
Ambidextrous (10)
Animal Empathy (5)
Rapier Wit (5)
Arete (5)

Paranoid (-10)
Obsession - destroy "the Syndicate" (-10)
Sense of Duty - Widows and Orphans (-5)
Evil Twin - Open-minded Ranch-hand (-5)
Code of Honor - Pirates' (-5)
Skinny (-5)

Index fingers are lodged in a trigger-pulling position
Chews on a toothpick
Enemy - The Syndicate (30 point enemy; appears on a 1 in 30)
Speeks with uh inspesiffik old wess drahwl, sayin things laik “Ah downt truss yewâ€
Eyes narrowed to thin slits, pupils darting back and forth (scanning for The Syndicate)

Skills: Points Effect Bonuses Final Notes
Guns - Pistols/TL5 3/* +2 +2 (IQ) 18 Sharp: starts at DX; all other Guns 16. Never suffers SS, always gains Acc. Damage +3
Fast Draw Def - +1 (CR) 15 Sharp: starts at DX; since default, applies to all Fast Draw locations
Fanning Def -4   14 Guns -4; Acc bonus halved when Fanning
Slipping the Hammer Def -2 +1/* 17 Guns -2; all guns modified for +1
Armoury - Guns Def -6 - 12 Guns -6
Bard 1 -1   11  
Animal Handling Def -6 +4 (AE) 10 IQ -6
Riding Def -5 +4 (AE) 13 DX -5
Teamster Def -2   11 Riding -2
Climbing Def -5   9 Climbing -5

Attributes 65
Advantages 85
Skills 4
Remaining 1

Guns to 21 (16 pts)
Hit Location +3 (4 pts.)
Dual-weapon Attack +4 (6 pts.)
Richochet +whatever (we need definitive rules for richocheting shots)
0.5 points in Climbing, Brawling, Holdout, Riding, and assorted other useful skills


Remuel Zippowitz came from Tempe, Arizona to London, England to destroy The Syndicate where it lives: its head. (He claims, however, to be from Mesa…to throw people off his trail.) He trusts no one, but has a soft spot for widows and orphans because 1) they must be victims of The Syndicate and 2) his indiscriminate yet highly deadly shooting skills have resulted in a whole mess of them. Under the guise of destroying The Syndicate, the Cowboy can be lured into just about any adventure.

The only other creature alive who will admit to The Syndicate's existence (but they awl know, don't yew buleeve em) is the Cowboy's arch-nemesis and evil twin Open-minded Ranch-hand.


In combat the Cowboy will either 1) stun people with his Rapier Wit and then shoot them in the eyes or 2) challenge them to fast-draw shoot-outs which appear massively disadvantageous to himself, then shoot the challenged party in the eyes.

He carries six guns at all times (see diagram).

The Cowboy also claims that somewhere on his person he has hidden a single mother-of-pearl bullet and the dismantled components of the gun used to execute John Wilkes Booth (who did not kill President Lincoln, but tried to save him from Ford's Theater's staff of Invisible Zombie Bandit Stagehands (working for The Syndicate)). The bullet has his name written on it. Should The Syndicate capture him, the Cowboy will reconstruct the gun and commit suicide.

This story, just like the Zombie Stagehands one, is questionable at best, but no one has the courage (or the heart) to contradict Remmuel.