Character History

Antonio Rafael-Hernan was born in Espania and lived in a beautiful green Villa by the coastline. He worked on his father's farm, taking care of the animals. As a child, he was inseperable from his twin brother, Pedro Gabriel. At the age of 16, his brother mysteriously vanished. Antonio lamented his loss terribly and was comforted by Padre Hidalgo at the Villa Church. To this day, he feels a sense of gratitude toward the Church, and desires to repay them... somehow.

One year later, he left his beautiful Villa and traveled across Europe, determined to find his brother. He got sidetracked in France, bewitched by the beauty of the French girls. At last, he arrived in England, much poorer for his travels. He got a job doing pulpy stage performances in a third-rate playhouse. Antonio has been living in England for so long that Spanish has become all but a second language to him. His English is still very heavily accented, though.

But he grows weary of play-acting. Burning hotter within him every day is the desire to right wrongs, to find his missing brother, to repay the Church, and to woo French maids. The day belongs to El Fuerte!


Some combination of Inigo Montoya + that one Mexican wrestler character from Mad TV. Characterized by lots of throat clearing noises at the front of words that begin with H's and W's (and in a lot of other uncecessary places). Also uses a long I (ee) instead of a short one ("little bit" becomes "leetle beet"). Also puts 'e's at the front of words that start with 's' + consonant ("that is very estrange"). Trills 'r's that come at the beginning of words ("are you rrready?").

Sample dialog: "Hhwe will appreehend thees escoundrel, and I weell break hee's head - Hhwith my knee! Then, hhwe weel see heem bounce from the end of a rope like a French maid on my bedspreengs!"

Adventure History

Kidnapped in China or The Low Road to China GM'ed by Blake Barlowe. Players were me & Jared playing "Croc Hunter". 7 points.

Ship of Lost Souls GM'ed by Jared Whitley. Players: Doug James as Collin O'Brian, Wynn as [dunno], Blake Barlowe as "Biter", Erik Andersen as Cosmo Copperthwait. 9 points.

The Big Hunt GM'ed by Jared Whitley. Players: Blake Barlowe as Fanny Kaufaffel, Andrew king as Percival Blakely. Antonio found his long-lost brother, Pedro Gabriel, in this adventure. Antonio was also made an honorary member of the Simbali Tribe in New Botswatha, Africa.


Cash: $1109

Rapier (short) Dmg = thr+1
Knives (10)
Buckler - PD1
"Zorro" Cloak
Std. Leather armor - PD2 DR2
Personal Basics
High-laced boots
Medalion of Pedro Gabriel
One Glove
A Horsewhip
A Horseshoe
Rifle(BP) MH-uk
2 SW Russian Revolvers
Fencing Saber: The Sword of Constancy and Demon-Slaying