Victorian RPG / GURPS Resources

Note: For a listing of other Victorian-era RPGs, have a look at the themes page. This section lists only Victorian RPG stuff that didn't fit in there.

Victorian Firearms for GURPS from the S. J. Games website.

Bartitsu in GURPS Martial Arts - A page discussing a Victorian era martial arts style and rules for using it in GURPS campaigns.

Dreambird's GURPS pages - This guy has got a ton of GURPS stuff here, including a Technological Timeline of Late TL 5 (1801-1889), the Political & Economic History of Great Britain (1642-1945), a Victorian era gameworld for GURPS called The Dark Dagger, and a couple of characters.

"In Her Majesty's Service: Weapons And Equipment Of The Late Victorian British Soldier" - available only to PYRAMID subscribers.

Central Nexus by Mark A. Brinkman - he has some rules here for Victorian era superheroes using the GURPS rules. Includes some sample characters. Interesting stuff.

Dr. Kromm's mega-listing of GURPS Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills

Other Victorian Information & Resources

The following are links to web sites/pages that give information on the Victorian era. There is no RPG info at any of these sites, but the information you will find here can be very valuable for running a Victorian campaign.

The Victorian Web - No RPG stuff here, but a whole slew of facts and information on the Victorian era. If you're looking for pictures of settings or characters that you can use in your adventure to help convey the ambiance, this is a good place to look.

Spartacus Educational contains a wealth of English history from the Medieval to the modern day. Of special note is their Encyclopaedia of British History (1700-1950).

Greenwood's Map of London 1827 clickable imagemap of 19th century London.

Old Sword-Play by Captain Alfred Hutton - A handbook of Victorian rapier, dagger, buckler, and cloak fighting.

Recommended Fiction for Castle Falkenstein compiled by Michael Bowman. This is a wonderful collection of Victorian-era literature, including some Steampunk / Fantasy type books.

A Page of Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana "In which Your Humble Correspondent endeavours, with what he hopes is at least Partial Success, to list some of the Notable and Obscure Characters and Places of popular Victorian Fiction"

Fashion and Courtship in The Victorian Era A page describing makeup, marriage, and dress styles of the Victorian era, along with links to additional pages.

Miscellaneous Stuff

The Best of British or "The American's guide to speaking British". This can be handy for non-Brits who want to play Victorian RPGs that are staged in England.

English Accents and Dialects is a book that describes in detail the major accents of the Brittish isles.

Gamer Jargon - A list of terms and phrases commonly used by gamers.

RPGnet - a big editorial / discussion site on roleplaying games of all flavor and stripe.

The Dead Alewives Dungeons and Dragons sketch. An imortal classic.

Famous Last Words uttered by players before their characters died.

Chances are that you, gentle reader, have a fantastic GURPS or Victorian page that I don't know about but would love to read. Feel free to tell me about it and I'll be pleased to give it a gander and put a link to your stuff on this page. If you can think of something you'd like to add to the content here or a correction you think I should make, do let me know as well.


Kudos to Hans-Christian Vortisch who pointed out the "In Her Majesty's Service: Weapons And Equipment Of The Late Victorian British Soldier" article. Thanks muchly, Hans.