Advice on Character Creation

The following is by Jared from an email I received. It probably looks a little unpolished. That's my fault (Mark), not his.

Another couple terms I've been using are discretionary points and disposable points. These are financial terms which cover the money you automatically spend on necessities (disposable) and money you choose to spend on non-essentials (discretionary). The first 110 points are disposable and the 45 bonus are your discretionary. Actually their all just a big soup but I find it helps me with my 'Must haves' 'Would likes' and 'Would be nices'. IE I spend my whomping sums on DX and IQ out of my disposable and deal with my skills out of my discretionary.

Note that the following advice are just opinions but they seem quite sensible. Feel free to follow or ignore to whatever extent you like.

Must Haves

Obviously these are general for every character. depending on your emphasis, you'll have different must haves. For you psionics were a must have, for andrew high wealth and status were must haves, for the brigadier sharp shooter. Perhaps above must haves would be 'character core' points.

Would likes

Here's your skill modifiers.

Would Be Nice

The following are everything you start off wanting but have to strike to afford your IQ and DX of 13.

It should be noted that if you follow these to the letter you will have a perfectly balanced and very boring character. I made an everyday merchant character according to these stipulations and had instantly no desire to do anything with him although he had some cool quirks.

Don't Touch

Don't waste your precious character points on any of the following.

Buy It While You Can...

Some additional words by Mark:

Here's some things to keep in mind when you're creating your character:

From this, you chould logically conclude the following:

These are, of course, very munchkin-ish guidelines, but it's good to keep in mind what you can and can't spend points on and how much it will cost now vs. later.