Luck Rules and Advantages

Luck Rolls

Should the character ever need to make a random determination (i.e. "Are the keys in the car?") set a probability with one or two dice and roll against it. Modify +1 for every level of Luck, +4 for Super Luck, -1 for Unluckiness and as per the Jinxed rules, -3 if Cursed.


Invent a Luck attribute (starting 10) which is modified up or down by the (dis)advantages people have (including Serendipity). Extraordinary Luck (30) would equal +3 to the Luck Attribute. Cursed (-75) would equal 2. Roll against this attribute as you would any other. Advantages such as Arete and Winning Smile would affect the Luck Attribute.

Luck-Related Advantages

A note about re-roll advantages: Introduced here are numerous advantages which allow re-rolls. Additionally, there is the plain vanilla Luck advantage and Advanced Luck Rules available from Dreambird's website. In order to avoid abuse of re-roll rules, characters are limited to re-rolls from only two sources. In other words, characters are limited to only two luck advantages. A character may get Ridiculous Luck and Winning Smile or Scrutiny and Extraordinary Luck, but not Arete, Winning Smile, and Scrutiny.

Arete - 5 points

Arete is the Greek word for excellence, particularly physical excellence, a characteristic of ancient heroes. With Arete, a character may, once per hour, re-roll a roll twice and take the best of the three rolls (as per Luck) but only for combat-related rolls, principally DX, DX skill rolls, and defenses. Arete would not be applicable to, say Riding, unless the character were fighting from a horse. Any combat-related Esoteric skill is fair game (most of which are mental skills, but intended for fighting).

Generous GMs in a cinematic campaign may allow Arete to be used for combat related feats of strength (like jumping, pulling a foe out of a sand barge and into the pit below, lifting a log off your fallen comrade, etc.) but never damage or HT rolls.

Arete is a useful, inexpensive addition to any warrior character, or anyone who wants the advantage of re-rolls without necessarily playing a ``lucky'' individual (or forking over 15 points). It is required that the players write Arete in italics on his sheet and say ``Arete!'' with a big, silly accent when making his intentions to re-roll known.

Winning Smile - 5 points

Winning Smile operates as a limited Luck ability but only for Social Skills and Reaction rolls.

Luck Drainer - 15/30/60 points.

You have the ability to eliminate lucky strokes from foes, making them terribly unlucky sometimes. Every 60/30/10 minutes (per cost, just as with Luck) you can force the GM to reroll for an NPC and the NPC must take the *worst* of the three rolls.

Luck Thief - 10 points - Prerequisite: Luck Drainer

As above, but you then get to use the *best* of the NPCs three rolls for your next roll--It has to be your very next success roll, you can't "save" it for later.