Miscellaneous Rules

Some miscellaneous rules ideas.

Extra Effort for the Bard Skill

Add IQ/3 (round down) to your base Bard Skill, and +1 for every level of Charisma (if any). Use the new rating for your effective Bard skill for one roll only. This extra effort costs a point of fatigue to represet the wild gesticulations and brow-furrowings you need to do. On a critical success, your audance will take up arms and offer to give up their lives fighting for you. On a critical failure, they think you're a huckster and want to hang you from the nearest tree.

Idea For Determining Reaction Without a Roll

  1. First, you assign an 'Encounter Modifier' to notable NPCs. If an NPC is more likely to be friendly, he gets a +N, if he's more likely to be surly, he gets a -N (where 'N' is some value the GM comes up with off the top of his head).
  2. Then, you just start at 11 (smack dab in the middle of 'Neutral'), and add/subtract the PC's reaction modifiers and the NPC's encounter modifiers. The resulting number is used to determine the result.

One shortcoming of this is that the scale isn't quite right, i.e. +4 can make a big difference in real life, but doesn't make *quite* as big a deal using the "no roll" approach I've described. I might draft up some new numbers for the reaction table that would scale better.