New Skills

Some additional GURPS skills.

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Travis Foster's Skill Index a truly awe-inspiring list of skills and descriptions.

Combat/Weapon Skills

One-Hand Shotgun Cocking - (Physical/Average) - Defaults to Guns - 5

This skill enables a character to ready a firearm, normally requiring two hands (such as a shotgun), with one hand. +1 for every ST point over the ST minimum requirement of the weapon. Double all penalties for low ST!

Weapon Theatrics - (Mental/Average) - Defaults to Performance - Prerequisites: Relevant weapon skill 14+, Performance, Weapon Master or Sharpshooter or Trained by a Master

This skill allows weapon masters to perform ``show-off'' cinematic feats with their weapon: flashy sword play, spinning pistols on index fingers, and so forth. Masters using this skill may use their weapons exactly as characters with Rapier Wit use their Bard skill to ``mentally stun'' opponents. However, as Weapon Theatrics requires physically manipulating a weapon it is NOT a free action. As a general rule, Weapon Theatrics will be performed before combat begins

Weapon Theatrics defaults to the Performance (not IQ or DX) and as per Weapon Master/Sharpshooter default rules. The skill is mental because the creativity of the weapon master is more important than actual skill, and actual proficiency with the weapon is covered by the skill prerequisites. Low ST modifies the skill as per normal ST minimum requirements. Manual Dexterity Advantage (or Disadvantage) modifies skill rating for pistols, knives, and any other weapon which is can be logically manipulated with the fingers (GM discretion, but don't discourage player creativity).

Should two characters possess Weapon Theatrics, they may engage in a quick contest of skills. The best example of such is the nunchucks scene in the original TMNT movie. Eidetic Memory, as with all Esoteric Skills, does not benefit Weapon Theatrics but Versatile does.

Shovel (Weilding): P/A, Defaults to: DX-5

Using a heavy, unbalanced shovel as a weapon.

(patterned after Great Axe, Broadsword, Quarterstaff)

Cost: ~$100 Weight: 5 lbs. Min ST: 11
Swing attack: Type: cut / crush Dmg: sw+2 Reach: 1
Thrust attack: Type: cut Dmg: tr+2 Reach: 1,2*

Notes: Requires two hands to use, one turn to ready. Must be readied to switch from long grip to short grip for extra reach in thrusting manuver. Parry is 1/2 skill.