Victorian Voices

Here is a listing of voices you can use in Victorian-era roleplaying campaigns. Most (if not all) of them are references to characters from British comedies we have seen over the years on public television.

The following will be included in each description (if you're lucky):

  1. The name of the character that had this voice
  2. The actor who played the character
  3. The show (and possibly episode) where the character appeared
  4. A brief description or title of the character being played
  5. Some characteristics of the voice or catch phrases
  6. [N]PCs for whom this voice would be suitable

Opening Caveat: This list is not organized in any way: not alphabetized, not categorically, not even unintentionally. No apologies.

The Voices

General Melchet - Played by Stephen Fry on Blackadder Goes Forth (the fourth incarnation of Blackadder). A giddy, out-of-touch general who would rather see a batallion of men mowed down by machine-gun fire than see his tea get cold. Given to inane giggling and reciting old alma matter songs like "Belts off, trousers down, isn't life a scream!". Suitable for any giddy general.

Scarlet Pimpernell, The - Played by [dang, dunno] on the made-for-TV movie. A poncy, hoity-toity Englishman with a penchant for witty remarks. Given to saying "Sink me" and "Odd's fish, m'dear". Suitable for any poncy, upller-class dandy.

Mary Poppins - Played by Julie Andrews in the Disney movie. An English nanny with fantastical powers. Given to saying "Spit spot", and spontaneously bursting into song. Suitable for schoolteachers, nannies, and other motherly types who's job is to give orders to children.

Rik - Played by Rik Mayal on The Young Ones. An utter git, not at all unlike Arnold J. Rimmer. Given to lisping, slurring words, and spewing saliva as he yells "Fascist!" to anyone he dislikes. Suitable for any pratt.

Lord Flashheart - Also played by Rik Mayal (believe it or not) on two episodes of Blackadder. Boisterous, impulsive, overconfident, and given to bawdy sexual innuendos. Suitable for any swashbuckler.

The three children on Bedknobs and Broomsticks. They claimed to be from London, but their accent sounds a wee bit more Manchester to me. Given to using 'f's in place of 'th' sounds and dropping 'h's from the beginning of words. Suitable for any urchin.

Waitress in the Monty Python "Spam" sketch - Played by Trevor Jones. High, screeching (nails on a blackboard) voice. Suitable for any irritable matron.

Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride, aka "The Spaniard". Suitable for any Spaniard, but especially a swashbukling type.

Dr. Scratch and Sniff from the TV cartoon Animaniacs. This was the inventive scientist who was constantly besrewed by Wako, Yako and Dot. Given to saying German words instead of English ones ("und" instead of "and"), d's instead of th's, "-ink" instead of "-ing" at the end of words, and z or sh sounds in place of s's at the beginning of words. Suitable for any German Mad Scientist.

More to come...