Mahjongg: Basic Scoring

To begin scoring a hand, first add up the points given below for each combination and the pair. (Note that chows are always worthless and only some pairs of honors are worth points.) After you have added the points, you may double the score one or more times per the doubles page.

Pung / Kong Table
Type of Tile Pung
(3 of a kind)
(3 of a kind)
(4 of a kind)
(4 of a kind)
simples (2 through 8) 2 4 8 16
terminals (1 or 9) 4 8 16 32
winds 4 8 16 32
dragons 4 8 16 32

Pairs Table
Pair of dragons 2
Pair of own wind 2
Pair of prevailing wind 2
Pair of double wind (own + prevailing) 4
Any other pair 0

Any Chow (concealed or exposed) 0

Note: A chow is a sequence of exactly three (not four) tiles in in the same suit. A chow cannot be made from honor tiles (i.e. N-E-S or R-G-W are not legal), and a chow cannot "wrap around" (i.e. 8-9-1 is not legal).

Bonus Tiles
Any Bonus tile (Flower or Season) 4

Extra Points for Winning Hand Only
Mahjongg (winning hand) 20
Winning tile drawn from wall 2
Tile needed for win completed chow in only possible place
Examples: the '5' in a 4-5-6 or the '3' in a 1-2-3
"Fishing the Eyes"
Tile needed for win completed the pair