Mahjongg Jargon

Nicknames for Tiles

1 Characters Chairman Mao
2 Characters Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Beavis & Butt-head, Bill & Ted
3 Characters Three Wise Stooges
4 Characters Wind Fan
5 Characters Village People, Honorable Bsketball Team, Honorable Globe Trotters
6 Characters The Blair Six Project
7 Characters Seven Samauri, The X-Tiles
8 Characters Volcano, Mout Fuji, Fujiyama
9 Characters The 3.14 of Characters, The Pi of Characters
1 Circles Aztec Callendar, Aztec Camera, Hypnotoad Eye, Moon Pie, Super Target, Light at the end of the tunnel
2 Circles Hot Plate
3 Circles RGB
4 Circles Oven Range, Stovetop
5 Circles Sung: "Five, Golden Circles"
6 Circles Closed can of whoop-ass, Oven Range and a Hot Plate
7 Circles Emerging can of whoop-ass
8 Circles Garden path, Stone Pathway, industrial oven range
9 Circles Whack-a-mole
1 Bamboo Rice Bird, Bird of Paradise, Honorable Parrot
2 Bamboo Walking stick, row of cucumbers ("cuke" row)
3 Bamboo Galaga class star destroyer, 1-UP, cucumber pyramid ("cucke-amid")
4 Bamboo Walking stilts, quartet of cucumbers ("cuke" quartet)
5 Bamboo Blood clot
6 Bamboo River Raft
7 Bamboo Provo Temple
8 Bamboo Mickey Mouse, M & M, Eminem, The Real Slim Shady
9 Bamboo "A Rigga Bamboo", hemorrage
West Wind Whiskey Bottle
Green Dragon Fing Fang Foom, The Flaming Dragon, The Effing Dragon, Sung: "Ho, ho, ho, Green Dragon"
White Dragon Dragon Pot Pie, Twilight Zone door, The Very Scary Door
Red Dragon Sworded Dragon

Other Expressions

"____ Wind Bwow!" (said in the voice of Elmer Fudd)
Dave's contribution to Mahjongg: When someone discards a wind tile, he says the above, alluding to the classic Bugs Bunny opera cartoon.
The term we use for a Majhongg tile (also called "cards" sometimes).

When Jared would play Majhongg with his teacher Mr. Moyle in (*ahem*) "Chemistry Club", Moyle would refer to them as chits, and when he wanted to take one to complete a set or run, he would not yell "chow" or "pung", he would instead yell "chit, chit, Chit, CHIT, CHIT!!!"

On another (more recent) occasion, Ed (who does not "play games") came by and asked his wife (who does play games) "How are you doing with these..." and then faltered for the correct word choice, not knowing what the appropriate term was for Mahjongg players ("card players" wouldn't work, nor would "chess heads" nor anything like that). Ed decided on "gamesters", but Mark suggested the alternative "chitheads".

"Planting a Flower" (or "Grounding a Flower")
Taking an extra tile from the Kong box to replace a flower / season you drew and have put on the table.
"It's so hard to discard"
Said to a player who has drawn but has not yet discarded and is consuming an inordinate amount of time deciding which tile to get rid of.
"Keep it in the family"
A term used when somebody chows, pungs, or kongs a chit you threw out. This is a way of saying "Now you throw me a chit I can use".
The King of Kongs
Said of a player who has made a lot of Kongs.
Kong Box Guardian
A little action figure or other small figurine placed between the two loose tiles on the Kong box (normally found at the end of the wall).
"Like my experience at bars"
Jeff Davis' contribution to Mahjongg: When he was first learning the game, I explained to him that Mahjongg is a game of tough decisions and lots of regrets. His response has lived on. E.g. If a person is having a hard time finding a discard, one could say to him "So, you come here often?"
"Nice little garden you got going there"
Said to a player who has aquired a large number of flower / season cards (especially if he aquired them early on in the game) which are often depicted (at least in our set) as having little plants or flowers on them. Some slightly less popular alternatives are "You want a box for all those flowers?" or "Quite the green thumb you got there".
Passing Wind
Refers to discarding a wind tile that is either prevailing or the wind or your left-hand neighbor's wind; he will probably pick it up.
"Pung Chow Chicken"
Said by Sherri when she knew that she wanted a tile but wasn't sure what she was claiming it for. A corruption of "Kung Pao Chicken".
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A Pung of West Winds