Mahjongg: Special Limit Hands

These are rare combinations or winning conditions. Winning with a Special Limit Hand is worth 500 points.

All Terminals (also called "Heads and Tails")
Hand consists of only 1's and 9's, any suits
All Kongs (also called "Fourfold Plenty")
4 kongs + a pair of anything
All Honors Hand consists of only dragons and winds
Big 3 Dragons (also called "Three Great Scholars" or "Three Large Honors")
Pungs/Kongs of all three dragons (plus another chow, pung, or kong of anything and a pair of anything to complete the hand)
Big 4 Winds (also called "Four Large Blessings", "Four Large Lucks", "Four Large Blessings Hover o'er the Door" or "Four Joys in Full")
Pungs/Kongs of all 4 winds (plus a pair of anything else to complete the hand)
Little 4 Winds Pung/Kong of 3 winds, pair of 4th
Odd Combinations
Thirteen Unique Wonders (also called "Thirteen Odd Majors", "Thirteen Orphans" or "Thirteen Grades of Imperial Treasure")
One of each wind, dragon, and terminal (1's and 9's) of each suit, plus one more of any of these to complete a pair.
Imperial Jade Pung/Kong of green dragons, plus chows/pungs/kongs and a pair of bamboo that have only green (2,3,4,6,8)
Nine Gates (also called "Nine Gates of Heaven", "Nine United Sons", "Nine United Brothers", "Calling Nine Cards" or "Nine Sacred Lamps of Lotus")
A completely concealed, single-suit hand consisting of: pung/kong of 1's and 9's, run of 2-8, plus any other tile in the same suit.
Heavenly Twins Pair of each honor or pairs all of one suit
Pure Luck
Hidden Treasure (also called "Buried Treasure" or "Group by Group Peace")
4 concealed pungs (you drew them all from the wall or your neighbor's dicards)
Heavenly Hand Win on dealt hand (does not count extra tiles drawn from grounding flowers)
Earthly Hand Win on first draw from wall or discard pile (does not count extra tiles drawn from grounding flowers)
Kong upon Kong First draw from Kong Box completes a second kong, second draw from Kong Box completes Mahjongg