Links to Other Mahjongg Sites

Mahjongg Museum - History, various rules (Chinese, Filipino, etc.) scoring, order tile / card sets online.

The Mahjongg World Wide Web Site - lots of information including history, rules, scoring, symbolism, game tactics, etc.

Kejimajiangmi - the Majiang club of the Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology. Attractive site with rules, offensive / defensive strategy tips, jargon, scoring rules and examples, superstitions, and some history. Very nicely done.

Mahjong FAQ everything you ever wanted to know.

The American Mah-Jongg Association official website. Includes mailing list, bulletin board, tournaments.

Open Directory: Mahjongg - Fan-submitted links to Mahjongg sites on the web.

"I Need A Unified Set of Mah-Jongg Terms!" - an exhaustive list of most frequently used Mahjongg terms.

A Kid's Guide to Playing Mahjong - Brief history, rules, and numerous links.

Play Online

Mahjongg on - Requires a Java-enabled browser. Features beginner, intermediate, and advanced "tables".

Official National Mah Jongg League Internet Game - On-line game. Requires membership.

Rules and Scoring

Mah-Jongg: the Game and How To Play it - A well-written set of rules, including scoring and tactics.

Simple Rules for Mahjong - If you're a complete beginner, this site will help you with the basics of setup and play and not bog you down with complex scoring rules.

Mah Jongg Scoring Chart - Concise and well organized, this scoring chart also includes a listing of special limit hands.

Links to Mahjongg History Pages

History of Mah-Jongg from the Mahjong FAQ

The History of Mahjong

Mah-Jongg The Chinese Game of Four Winds: History And Origins

Mah Jong Historical Prints/Photos - Page full of links to wonderful historic pictures and paintings from the 1920's when the game was introduced to America.

Links to Mahjongg Strategy Pages

Strategy in Majiang from the Kejimajiangmi website. Includes tips for both offensive strategy and defensive strategy.

Mah-Jongg Strategy from the Mahjong FAQ

Playing Winning Mah Jongg luck undeniably plays a part in Mahjong, but so does skill, as this page tells.

Game Tactics on You may also want to look at the beginner's guide.