Mahjongg: Longer Doubles Table

All Hands
Honors-Related Doubles
Pung/Kong (revealed/concealed) of any dragon 1
Pung/Kong (revealed/concealed) of own wind 1
Pung/Kong (revealed/concealed) of prevailing wind 1
Pung/Kong (revealed/concealed) of double wind (own + prevailing) 2
Seasons / Flowers-Related Doubles
Drew own flower and own season (1:E, 2:S, 3:W, 4:N) 1
Drew all four seasons (blue numbers) 2
Drew all four flowers (red numbers) 2

Winning Hand Only
Same-Suit Doubles
Whole hand one suit (chows, pungs or kongs) plus honors 1
Whole hand one suit (chows, pungs or kongs) no honors 3
Three chows running 1-9 in same suit 1
Simple, Pointless Virtues Doubles
Whole hand consists of simples (no honors, no terminals) 1
No points in hand (all chows, pointless pair; doesn't count flowers or extra points for winning: Mahjongg, winning tile drawn from wall, one-shot, or "fishing the eyes") 1
Pungs and Concealment Doubles
Whole hand consists of pungs or kongs (no chows) 1
4 pungs/kongs, 2 of which are concealed (limit if all concealed) 1 (2+ total)
4 pungs/kongs, 3 of which are concealed (limit if all concealed) 2 (3+ total)
3 concealed pungs/kongs, 1 chow (revealed or concealed) 1
Whole hand concealed (you took no tiles out of turn, with the possible exception of your winning tile) but contains 2 or more chows (limit if all pungs) 1
Almost Limit Hands Doubles
Whole hand terminals, plus honors (limit if no honors) 1 (2+ total)
"Little 3 Dragons" - Pung/Kong of 2 dragons, pair of 3rd (limit if pungs/kongs of all 3) 1 (3+ total)
Pure Luck (very rare) Doubles
"Catching the moon from the bottom of the sea" - win on last tile drawn from wall 1
"Catching fish from bottom of river" - win on last discard after living wall exhausted 1
"Plum blossom on the roof" - win on draw from Kong box 1
Robbing a Kong - stealing tile that would make a kong from an exposed pung 1