Basic Utility Cards

Put these in every deck.

Resource Utility Cards

Category Most General Purpose More Specific
Combat Related Risky Blow
Lucky Strike
The Old Thrush
The Dwarves are Upon You
Kindling of the Spirit
Cancellation Concealment
Dark Quarrels
Many Turns and Doublings
Riddling Talk
The Cock Crows
Rebuild the Town
Elven Cloak (minor)
Star Glass (minor)
Healing Houses of Healing
Great Road
Healing Herbs (minor)
Corruption Help A Friend or Three
New Friendship
Elf Song
Reducing Hazards Horses
Secret Passage
Fair Travels in *
Secret Entrance
Ford (tap a Ranger)
Elf Path (tap an Elf)
Riddling Talk
Untapping / Non-tapping Block
And Forth He Hastened
Washed and Refreshed
Hall of Fire
Hundreds of Butterflies
Healing Herbs (minor) Cram (minor)
Waybread (minor)
Athelas (minor)
Swash-Topped Boots (minor)
Milking a Site Thorough Search
Lucky Search
A Chance Meeting
Look More Closely Later
Here There or Yonder
Noble Hound (1 ally MP)
Noble Steed (1 ally MP)
Rescue Prisoners (3 misc MP)
Knowledge of the Enemy (1 misc MP)
Barrow Blade (1 item MP)
Removing Perm / Long Events Marvels Told
Card Manipulation Smoke Rings
Favor of the Valar
Horns, Horns, Horns

Hazard Utility Cards

Category Most General Purpose More Specific
Corruption Lure of Nature
Lure of Expedience
Lure of the Senses
Despair of the Heart
Lure of Creation
Weariness of the Heart (forces check)
Traitor (perm) Ren the Unclean (forces check)
Itangast At Home (+1 CP greater items)
Scorba At Home (+1 CP major items)
Anti-Faction Call of Home
Muster Disperses
Foolish Words
Gnaw with Words
Roadblock Call of Home
No Way Forward (perm)
Long Winter
Foul Fumes
Lost in Free Domains
Drowning Seas
Adunaphel (half-creature)
(?) Chance of Being Lost
Auto-Attack Seige (perm)
Doubled Vigilance (perm)
Tidings of Bold Spies
Incite Denizens
Incite Minions
Fell Winter (long)
Eye of Sauron (long)
Increase Hazard Limit Daelomin At Home (perm, +2 haz lim)
Power Built By Waiting (perm)
Two or Three Tribes Present
Eyes of the Shadow (perm)
Lost in *
Bring our Curses Home
Card Manipulation Mouth of Sauron
An Unexpected Outpost
Long Dark Reach
Uvatha the Horseman (half-creature)
The Nazgul Are Abroad (perm)
Aware of Their Ways
Smaug at Home (half-creature)
Khamul The Easterling (half-creature)
Removing Table Cards Many Sorrows Befall
Twilight (if not in resource portion

Gates of Morning

Category Most General Purpose More Specific
Combat Help Dark Quarrels
Cloudless Day (long)
Clear Skies (long)
More Alert than Most (perm)
Vanish in the Sunlight (short)
Echo of All Joy
Improving Sites / Site Path Quiet Lands
Vanish in the Sunlight (short)
Fog (long)
Echo of All Joy
Corruption / Haz Perm Evt Help The Cock Crows
The Sun Unveiled
Glamour of Surpassing Excellence

Doors of Night

Category Most General Purpose More Specific
Roadblock Snowstorm
Long Winter (long)
Foul Fumes (long)
No Way Forward (perm)
Will of Sauron
Eye of Sauron Drowning Seas
Winds of Wrath (seas)
Degrading the Site / Site Path Morgul Night (long)
Fell Winter (long)
Choking Shadows
New Moon
Withered lands
Witch King of Angmar
Boosting Creatures Prowess Clouds (long)
Eye of Sauron
Rank Upon Rank (Men / Giants)
Minions Stir (Orcs)
Hoarmurath Of Dir (+1 any strike)
Resources Praise to Elbereth
Twilight (extra)