Psycho Uno - Abbreviated Rules

It's the UNO you grew up with, made all the better with 4 house rules (plus one!) that give the game a whole new life.

#1) The

If you play a seven, you can swap your hand with any other player.

  • Blocking: The person you chose to swap with can block by playing a 7.
  • Upping the Ante:You can push for the swap by playing another 7. (This can go on...)
  • If someone goes out by blocking, you can steal the win from them with another 7.
#2) The

If a zero is played, everyone passes their hand one to the right or to the left (depending on the direction of play).

  • You'll give your neighbor the win if your last card is a zero. (You'll end up with your other neighbor's cards.)
  • There is no way to "block" a zero.
#3) The

If you are holding a card that is identical to the top card (same color and same number or word) you can play it out of turn.

  • The matched card has no game effects (doesn't Reverse, Skip, etc.)
  • You can "go out" by matching.
  • The "69" rule: You can match 6's with 9's and 9's with 6's as long as they're the same color.
  • Color Crazy: If half the table (round down, minimum 3) participates in a 6/9 match-up, everyone can dump as many cards as they want from their hands that are the same color as the 6's & 9's.
#4) The

If someone plays a 'Draw 2' on you, you can play another 'Draw 2' and now the next person has to draw four. It can keep stacking: 6, 8, 10... The same happens with 'Wild Draw 4's but the stack increases 4, 8, 12, 16...

  • You can't mix-and-match 'Draw 2' and 'Wild Draw 4' stacks.
  • "Back at'cha": You can play a 'Reverse' to send the drawing back the other way.
  • Delayed Blast: You can play a 'Skip' to make the drawing skip you and hit the next person.
  • Spreading: You can play a normal 'Wild' to make everyone else draw cards instead of you.
  • Blocking the Spread: You can avoid drawing by holding up a 'Wild' or 'Wild Draw 4'.
  • Reversing the Spread: If half the table (round down, minumum 3) plays a 'Wild' (including the spreader), the spreader has to draw double the cards on the stack.

Not content with what you've seen so far? Neither are we! Every week we pick a new rule that lasts for one week only. We try things out while we spice things up! Examples include:

  • If you play a 5 you can make someone else show their hand on the table.
  • If you play a 4 you can swap seats with someone.
  • Every 'Reverse' or 'Skip' played on a stack increases the count by 1.
  • You can play a "straight" on your turn (same color, all in sequence).
  • And many, many more!