Psycho UNO - Jargon Terms

Some frequently uttered phrases have emerged over the course of playing Psycho UNO.

A conjunction of the words "blue" and "uno". This can be said by a person who lays down a 'Wild', chooses the color blue, and has only one card left. (Kind of a rare occasion.)
"The color of drawing"
Said of a person who has none of a color that was just named (i.e. following a Wild) and needs to draw.
"The color of elephant ________"
Mark started saying this (for no good reason) whenever a Wild was played and a new color announced. Examples include: Red = "the color of elephant blood", Yellow = "The color of elephant jaundice", Green = "the color of elephant infection", and Blue = "The color of elephant smurfs". ("Smurves?")
Delayed Match
Playing a match a little late. (You had plenty of time to match it earlier, but didn't.) Usually refers to matching the word card at the top of a stacking progression (usually a 'Draw 2' or 'Wild Draw 4') after the stacking has run to it's conclusion and someone (other than the matcher) now has to draw; the matcher was going to hold onto the word card "just in case", but no longer needs to.
"Don't get used to them"
Said of a player who follows someone that just played a zero and there's another zero in the hand they were just passed, because they're about to play the next zero and everyone's gonna be passing again.
Dump (or "Dumpage")
Refers to the cards a player discards in a "Color Crazy" match. A common usage is for a player to say "There's my dump," (drops a bunch of mono-color cards) "and there's my play" (plays a different color card that matches the number atop his dump).
Having only 2 cards left.
"I got scrod"
Said by someone who has to draw a crapload of cards (ususally because they're at the end of a huge stacking progression). "Scrod" is the past tense of "screw".
"I got skipped"
To be said in the same voice as "I got a rock" from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
"I've got a good feeling about this one"
We usually play with two (or more) draw piles, one for each end of the table (so people don't have to reach). If it's someone's turn and they're drawing like mad from one of the draw piles, another player might draw a card from the other pile and hand it (face down, of course) to the madly drawing player, accompanied by the line above. In practice, the "good feeling" card seldom ends up being playable.
"Keep drawing" (also "Draw a few more" / "Draw some more")
One player doesn't have any cards of the current color so they draw like crazy til they get one. The player after them immediately puts down a 'Reverse' and then says this line.
Matchers Remorse
What you feel when you've matched away your last card of a certain color, then it becomes your turn, and you realize you must draw. Occasionally said like "Now I am having the matcher's remorse" as in the one Simpsons episode with the limited-time offer Krusty burger.
Term frequently used when the "69" matching rule comes into play. (The obvious play on words was too good to pass up.) Some examples include:
Retroactive Dump
Said by a person who gets dumps a card due to a color-crazy match a turn late, one beneath the top card. Typically this is because the card they were holding onto is no longer playable because, say, the color changed.
Update: Retroactive dumping is now against the rules, too much abuse.
Retroactive Match
Said by a person who matches on the card underneath the top card (as with the Retroactive Dump).
Update: Retroactive matching is now against the rules, too much abuse. The only exception is if a person said "match" and the current player played anyway. (This was the original intent of the Retroactive Match.)
"Safely dispose of the zero"
Said by someone who is able to throw a zero into the flood of cards in a "color crazy" match; the zero will have no effect and the player won't get stuck with it as his last card.
Skipping Half the Table
Describes the effects of playing a 'Reverse'. Often said desparigingly by the first person on the wrong side of the 'Reverse', i.e. "Way to skip this half of the table!"
"Thanks for the skip!"
Said by a player who has no cards of the current color, as being skipped beats drawing.
"That'll be handy later"
Said by a player (Eric, usually), who is in the midst of a drawing spree and finds a card that is not immediately useful, but will probably be useful later.
Having only 3 cards left.
Said when someone puts down a '1' of any color. (The femenine 'a' distinguishes it from the more masculine "Uno".)
"What are you trying to tell us?"
Said to someone who has just played a card identical to the one on the top of the pile as a play, not a match. The obvious conclusion is that they don't have any more of that color.
Ocassionally said by someone who just played a zero to indicate that the passing is about to commence. (George starged this tradition.)
The Whore Hand (AKA: The Village Whore / The Village Bicycle)
Description given to a hand that everyone seems to want to swap with when they play a 7.
Winning in George World
Means you have the highest score. (The object is to get the lowest score.) You see, in George World, many things are the reverse of what they are in our world: the streets are festively adorned, you can play croquette while mounted on 10-foot llamas, and rainbows dance and splash in a crechendo of color. (Not a bad place, really.)