Psycho UNO Plays of the Week - Archive

Sorted in reverse chronological order.

(9/27/05) Mark's hand got passed to each person at the table (via 7's and 0's) in the course of a single turn sequence (i.e. everyone at the table had 1 turn.)

(9/20/05) George drew 24 cards on a failed spread.

(9/13/05) So, everybody dogged on Mark with the Rule of the Week. Eric was especially spiteful (he attributes it to the numerous "..." lines he had to fill-in), picking Mark every single time. The combined efforts of everyone pushed Mark to 599. Mark then voluntarily drew a penalty card, putting him over 600.

(8/23,25/05) On both Tuesday and Thursday Mark was holding only a zero when someone else went out via a color-crazy dump. On both occasions Mark elected to keep the card rather than dump it.

(8/16,18/05) Two notable plays:

(8/11/05) Joey spread a stack with 12 cards on it right near the beginning of the round, filling up everyone's hands. The hand-filling was followed by four consecutive color crazies, 1 of each color. 4 people (well nigh half the table) went out at the same time.

We saw even more new blood this week. Thanks for joining us, hope everyone had fun.

(8/04/05) A couple of noteworthy plays:

We also saw lots of new blood this week. Hats off to all those who were brave enough to take part in our dementia.

(7/26/05) Ben drew 16 cards in 2 consecutive turns. He was unfortunately always on the receiving end of the stack. Somehow, he never seemed to draw enough word cards to keep him out of trouble, either.

(7/21/05) Several noteworthy plays:

(7/12/05) After a failed spreading attempt, Chris drew twenty (20) cards. (7/14/05) Mark accidentally exposed a Red 2. (It just slipped out of his hand.) Later on, Eric played a Red 2, and after a long pause, informed Mark that he was able to match it.

(7/05/05) Jeff went for about a whole minute holding one card without saying "Uno". Nobody caught him.

(6/02/05) Casey and Eric both had their hands exposed. Casey had 2 Sevens, Eric had a Seven and a Reverse. On Casey's turn he played, told Eric to trade with him. Eric blocked, Casey matched Eric's block and went out. Clever ploy...

(5/24/05) Eric got into a huge '7's trading war with Woody. At the end, Eric took Woody's hand, it became Woody's turn, and Wood had to draw like a madman.

(5/17/05) There was one round of a little more than a dozen hands where only 3 plays were not matched. Someone went out within a matter of minutes.

(5/12/05) There was one round where Cpl Fiddes never got an actual turn where he could play a card because Mark was always playing 'Draw' cards on him. He ended with a boatload of points. (Thank goodness for matching or it would have been more.)

(5/05/05) Casey had 2 cards. Jeff went right before Casey and played a 'Skip. Casey matched the 'Skip' and, not realizing he had been skipped, quickly played his '3' and yelled "Out!" It was quickly brought to his attention that it was not his turn, so he had to draw 2 penalty cards. Joey then played a card that allowed Mark to go out. It was at this point that we discovered that Casey had drawn a 'Wild' and a 'WD4'. Combined with his existing card, this left Casey with 52 points.

(4/28/05) Mark ended one round with 50 points made up from 2 cards. Woody made fun of him for this, so Mark leapt across the table (a good 4 or 5 feet), grabbed Woody, and gave him a big, sloppy kiss. Woody will never be the same.

(4/16/05) Whenever a 'Wild Draw 4' was played, it was alwasy Mark who drew 4 (or more!) cards. It didn't matter if Mark was the original WD4 player, neither did it seem to matter how many word cards he was holding, Mark always drew the cards.

(4/07/05) There was some crazy thing between Casey, Jeff & Will where Casey made Will expose his hand with a 5 (Will had Uno), then Jeff, seeing that it was a good hand, played a 7 and took it from him. Jeff happily collected his new hand, forgot to say anything, and someone called "Uno" on him, making him draw 2 more. Words can't describe just how ridiculous the whole scene really was.

No-Play of the week:(3/31/05) On two seperate occasions we had enough people match the 6s & 9s to trigger the "color crazy" matching, but nobody matched. As soon as George showed up, then the color crazy matches started happening again.

(3/29/05) Casey was at 0 points after 2 rounds. Joey had an enormous hand, played a 7 and chose to swap with Casey. Casey blocked with a 7, taking himself out. Joey upped the ante with another 7 and stole the win.

(2/24/05) Clark played a whole hour and never got a single card into the bowl. When matching, he just said "match" and dumped the card in front of him, leaving Joey or Will to put it in the bowl for him.

(2/17/05) This was a "Round of the week". After various players spread 3 or 4 successive stacks of 8, 8, 6 (and at least one more), we were all holding these huge books. Several "color crazy" matches ensued and ironically, when someone went out, the scores were all amazingly low. One for the books. On this same day, for the first time that anyone can remember, we had 12 people sitting for Uno all at the same time. We had to use four tables.

(2/10/05) Clark played a Draw 2 as his last card. It stacked up to 6 around the table til it hit Joey who spread it, keeping Clark in the game. Sam then went out leaving Joey with a low, low score that won him the game.

(2/1,3/05) We had so many good plays this week. The Thursday game (Feb 3rd) was one of the best ever.

(1/27/05) George was at the end of a Wild Draw 4 stack that got up to 16 cards. He spread it and only one person blocked. Eight out of ten of the players at the table drew 16 card leaving almost none left in the draw piles.

(1/15/05) Mark got uno after playing 2 consecutive 7s to block swapping attempts. Three Wild Draw 4s were laid down in a stack til they hit Sam who spread it with a Wild. Mark blocked with his last card, a Wild, and went out. Everybody except for he and Sam had to draw 12 before calculating their scores. The average points per hand that round (not counting the out-goer) was 119.

(1/8/05) Sam had an enormous hand and played a 7. Much to our surprise, he elected to swap with Casey who also had an enormous hand. Well, Casey blocked... so Sam upped the ante, so Casey blocked again, ad nauseum. Somewhere around half a dozen 7s were played in the final analysis and we all marveled at the show of "enlighted self interest" as they were each able to help each other get rid of a lot of cards.

(12/14/04) Woody got a call on his cell and hastily left the room, yelling for Clark to play his hand. On Clark's turn, he had to draw a whole bunch of cards, eventually drew a 7 and, noticing that Woody's abandonend hand was smaller than his now was, swapped with him. Woody had a nice surprise waiting for him when he came back.

(12/07/04) Mark was at the end of a stack of four consecutive Wild Draw 4s. He had to draw 16 cards (it hurt all over). Mark was matching a lot after that.

(11/30/04) Woody was sitting between Joey and Eric. Eric had to draw a crazy amount of cards (he had, like, half the deck in his hand). Woody played something. Joey had one card, a zero, he played it, gave Will (Cpl. Fiddes) the win, and stuck Woody with Eric's gargantuan hand: 265 points -- the all-time high.