Psycho UNO - Rules of the Week

This file contains a list of Rules of the Week for Psycho Uno. If I know who suggested the rule, I give an attribution in [brackets].

Not done yet, very viable

  1. Can add numbers of a like color to sum up to the current top card. E.g. Top card is a five and player follows with 2 & 3 [George]
  2. Any matched Reverse has game effects. Works both when played normally (re-reverses), and on a stack (IOW, the "back at-cha" comes... back).
  3. When playing a Wild or WD4, "Black" is an acceptable choice.
  4. When playing a Wild or WD4 the person who went right before you picks the color.
  5. When blocking a Spread, if there are more than the required number of blockers, the Spreader draws 3x the cards on the stack. (x4 on 100% block) [Mark] (Variant: if there are no blockers, everyone else draws double whatever's on the stack.)
  6. Geek scores: If you have a score with a geeky or interesting math quality to it (such as an even square / cubic root), knock X points off the score (10? 20?)
  7. Color crazy on any number [Mark] Possible effects:
    1. Dump can only be numbers less than the match-up number (go by point value for word cards).
    2. Can dump as many cards as number matched, color doesn't matter.
  8. "Shoot the Moon": If your score for the round matches the current highest score for the game, you get zero points & everyone else gets your score.
  9. Trading: On your turn you can offer to trade one or more of your cards to another player for one or more of their cards.
  10. can't spread unless there's at least a draw of 8 cards on the stack.
  11. Starting card: normal game effects count [Woody]

Already been done

  1. [POPULAR] Mix & match D2 stacks & WD4 stacks (would be interesting) [Mark]
  2. [POPULAR] Any Skip matched increases the number of people skipped. Works both when played normally, and on a stack (IOW, the delayed blast delays further).
  3. [POPULAR] Starting card is "screwball". For the rest of that hand, it can be played as _anything_; any color, any number or word. It's totally miscellaneous. (Other names for it might be "whacky", "kooky", "loony", "dementor", "demented".)
  4. [POPULAR] Matching D2s or WD4s on a stack increases the count [Clark] (Update: very fun, and very spiteful.)
  5. [POPULAR] No starting card: dealer plays any card out of his hand [Mark]
  6. [POPULAR] "Show me 5s" - play a 5, pick a person, they hafta show their hand. they can block with a 5, initial player can "up the ante" with another 5, etc. (just like 7s). Hand stays on the table til all cards played out or hand changes owner (due to zero or seven). Any cards drawn after lay-down can stay concealed in owner's hand (so that half are on the table and half are held).
  7. [POPULAR] Variant on the "show me 5s" idea: you can match on cards other people have showing. You can go out that way. Cards thus matched onto your showing cards count against your final score.
  8. [POPULAR] "Deadly 1s": When you play a 1, you can (at your option) draw a card off one of the draw piles and put it face-down in front of another player. Cards thus placed are no part of the player's hand, he can't play them, they don't get moved when hands are traded, but they do count toward his score at the end. Alternatively, when you play a 1, you can remove one of the "deadly" cards in front of _you_. (no peeking!)
    Update: This wa a fun one, and people thought of numerous variant ideas. I'm sure we'll revisit this one. Possible variants could include:
    1. Can block with a 1
    2. Matched ones increas # of face-down cards drawn
  9. You can play 2's as Draw 2's or 4's as Draw 4's if the color matches. Can only _continue_ a stack, not start it. Can't match 2s on Draw 2s (or 4s on WD4s). Cant play a 2/4 of one color on top of 2/4 of another color to continue the stack.
  10. You can play a zero (of the right color) to cancel a stack.
  11. Swap seats with another player on play of 4 [Mark]
  12. Can play a zero of the same color on a WD4/D2 stack. Effect is that everyone swaps hands and the person next to you now has to draw cards instead of you.
  13. In stacking progression, each Skip / Reverse adds one to the count on the stack [George]
  14. Playing a straight. Ex: if you have 1-4 of the same color, you can play them all [Clark]
  15. swap your whole hand for a whole new one on a play of a card (Crazy 8) The number of cards you pick up has to be >= your current hand.
  16. If you can go out unannounced and it gets (back) to your turn, knock 50 points off the score. If someone catches you, add 20 instead.

Iffy, Half-Baked, too Rare

These are ideas that aren't fleshed out yet.

  1. Magic 8 ball: when you play an 8 you may, at your option, invoike the Magic 8 ball thusly: Draw 1 card from the draw pile. If it is a number, count around the table, starting with the person to your left, per the number on the card. The person you land on is the (un)lucky recipient of the fortunes of the Magic 8 ball. Then, draw a second card and put it in front of that player. Every time that player's turn comes around, he plays as though the card in front of him was just played by the player to his left or to his right (depending on the direction of play). Caveat: if the first card the 8-ball invoker drew was a word card, it put in frot of _him_ (the invoker) as though it was just played on him (not all luck is good). [Mark]
    1. Could be cumulative: if more than 1 card is in front of a player, he gets to pick which one was just played on him.
    2. Cards in front of ppl could go away when 0 is played
    3. Could be combined w "show me 5s" to pre-laugh at player [George]
    4. Could be combined w "seat-swap on 4s" & card stays there. [George]
    5. Alternatively, the player with the card in front of him could choose to play that instead of one in his hand (think I like this better)
  2. No takebacks ("Match, I mean Play!")
  3. Swap entire hand for a draw pile / discard pile [Mark]
  4. Mechanic: hafta name a card another player is holding to trigger certain effect. (i.e. swapping seats or swapping a single hand).
  5. Number crazy: Trigger: 3 consecutive color changes on a number. Effect: dump as many cards of that number as you want. (Needs better effect, and I think the trigger is too rare.)