Risus Martial Arts Cliches

Martial arts movies are replete with some of the most campy cliches known to man. The Risus game system seems remarkably well-suited for role playing in this genre. This page contains a list of cliches describing some of the more common characters you see in Kung-Fu movies.

Inspiration for these cliches comes from any number of Bruce Lee / Jackie Chan / Chow Yun-Fat / Jet Li flicks as well as a bunch of others like: The Legend of Fong-Sai-Yuk, Iron Monkey, Big Trouble in Little China, and of course the immortal Kung Pow. Some inspiration also comes from the Mortal Combat and Tekken games and the ever-popular Feng Shui RPG.

The Cliches

Kick-Fu Fighter - Whirly kicking, across-the-room kicking, upside down helicopter kicking, kicking down doors, kicking through tables, kicking just because you can.
Acrobat-Fu Fighter - Jumping around, doing lots of flippy things, having a gift for finding naturally-occuring uneven bars in urban sprawls.
Gun-Fu Fighter - Drawing guns out of your belt / sleeves / ankle holster, shooting locks off doors, sliding across tables / floors / rooftops while shooting, sliding underneath someone and giving them the "ejector seat" maneuver.
Dance-Fu Fighter - Flipping around your girlfriend / sidekick / one of the bad guys / unsuspecting passer-by really fast so that your dance partner kicks all the bad guys and knocks 'em out.
Improvised Weapon Master - Fighting people with chairs / tables / ladders / garbage can lids / fire hoses.
Blade Whirler - Drawing blades really quick, flashing blades, spinning blades, maybe even stabbing somebody with one of your blades.
Ninja - Wearing black pajamas, moving stealty-like, pole-vaulting up to a roof, throwing ninja stars, squinting a lot.
Crazy Driver - Not being particularly choosy about who actually owns the cars you drive, miraculously finding the keys behind the sun shade, hotwiring a car in record time, flipping a car up sideways so you can drive down a narrow alleyway, finding lots of naturally-occurring inclined planes so you can jump over things, escaping from bad guys at a top-speed chase--in reverse.
Big Guy - Being tall, being fat, being broad-shouldered, being "big boned", thumping people.
Bimbo / Girlfriend - Looking coy, wearing lots of makeup, wearing provocative outfits, screaming a lot.
Store Owner - Looking pitiable / confused / innocent, getting picked on by local thugs, having lots of fruits and vegetables in bins that can be easily kicked over, NOT having a lot of money in the till.
Gangsta - Signing, trash talking, wearing the colors, wearing stylin' high-top shoes, callin' on your gantsta buddies.
Cop - Putting a siren on top of your unmarked beater car, showing people your badge, yelling "freeze", firing and THEN yelling "freeze".
Hit Man - Not talking much, wearing a cheap suit, looking intimidating, stalking targets, telling people to go out in the alley but still not talking much.
Zen Monk - Wearing orange robes, being bald, not being perturbed, uttering cryptic sayings that astound your friends and bewilder your enemies.
Kid - Being plucky, using campy slang words, having a mom that loves you, stumbling into the bad guys lair, easily getting caught by the bad guys.
Wino - Sleeping on park benches, drinking your hooch, being filthy, having an astounding amount of information at ready recall.
Little Old Man - Being little, being old, being a man, having a scraggly Fu-Manchu goatee.
Evil Sensei - Being gruff, having a crewcut and a big lanternjaw, lumbering around your dojo while teaching your students to say "Strike hard! Strike first! No mercy sir!"

Martial Arts Hooks

The following are some hooks appropriate to Martial Arts gaming:

Other Stuff

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