Some Pictures of the Girls

Erika Smith (Smiff) and Lisa petting a little puppy.

Lisa with the little puppy.

Mark holding Jessica. (I don't know when this picture was taken.)

Lisa holding a picture of a little stuffed lamb toy

Lisa and Grandpa listening to some tunes

Gramma holding Lisa and Jessica

Jessica having a fun time at the park (May, 2001 -- I do know when this picture was taken)

Lisa, after a bath, in her jammies, holding a Tigger doll, watching a movie (intently)

My friend John Beppu with Lisa and Jessica

My lovely wife and I singing karaoke on our trip to Japan some years ago.

Jessica being burninated by Trogdor. This picture was featured on Trogdor's 3rd birthday on

An Iguana, Jessica, Grandma, and Lisa (left to right).

Baby Sara, playing with a flashlight.

Baby Sara in her carseat.

Grandma Colleen holding Baby Sara.

Lisa & Jessica playing at the Children's Museum of Utah.

Grandma Colleen holding baby Sara in our front yard. Both girls in Sunday best.

Jessica and Lisa in the kitchen having a little appetizer before dinner.

Baby Sara at the Living Traditions Festival with an especially cute look on her face.

Lisa showing us her display for her science project in 1st grade. The question: "Which will cook brownies faster, shiny pans or dark pans." (She got 1st place. Putting a plate of brownies out for the judges to sample probably didn't hurt.)

Grandpa Tom holding baby Sara, who is in turn holding a flashlight.

Jessica & Lisa along with a pumkin that their mommy carved.

Baby Sara playing with a train set at Christmas.

Baby Sara playing the recorder a wee bit louder than Grandma was expecting.

Lisa & Jessica playing the maracas.

Sara and Jessica in a wagon.