CS 3250 Course Syllabus

Autumn Semester, 2001
Instructor: Mark Whitley

General Information

Semester: Autumn 2001
Textbook: Ada 95 by Feldman/Koffman (Third Edition)
Time: Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Location: PD 4 (relocatable)
Instructor: Mark Whitley
Email: mark.k.whitley@gmail.com
Home Phone: 966-1297 (after 10pm is too late to call)
Class Schedule: Right here

Goals of This Class

This class has the following goals:

Reading and Homework Assignments

Students will be expected to read assigned chapters prior to class. A schedule of reading and homework assignments is printed on the accompanying sheet. In general, we will be covering one or two chapters a week and have a homework assignment on the material we cover. Each week, we should have one night of access to the lab. Homework assignments will be due on test days. Late assignments will not be accepted.

To "hand in" assignments, you will need to upload them to the zonker server in the lab. This can be done from anywhere via telnet / ftp, therefore assignments can be turned in at any time. We will discuss how to do this in class on our first night in the lab.

Team programming is encouraged, but it should be done at a conceptual level. Wholesale copying of source code will be considered cheating and will not be tollerated. Remember, these assignments are to help you learn.

Grade Breakdown

The breakdown for tests and homework will be as follows:

Midterm #1 (chapters 3-7): 20%
Midterm #2 (chapters 8-13): 20%
Final Exam (chapters 15-17): 25%
Homework Assignments: 30%
Class Participation: 5%

A Note on Class Participation: I do not like teaching to a boring audiance. I encourage you to ask pertinent questions and make insightful comments. I recognize that most (if not all) of you are attending this class after a full day of work and that the class is very long, but I do not consider either of these to be good reasons for not participating. If English is your second language, please do not be afraid to participate either.

Grading Scale

The grading scale will be as follows:

100-93% = A 82.9-80% = B- 69.9-67% = D+
92.9-90% = A- 79.9-77% = C+ 66.9-63% = D
89.9-87% = B+ 76.9-73% = C 62.9-60% = D-
86.9-83% = B 72.9-70% = C- below 60% = E

Please note that this scale applies ONLY to the final grade, and not to individual tests or assignments. (The difference between a 79 and an 80 on a test is the same as the difference between an 80 and an 81, i.e. one point.)

The Fine Print

The instructor reserves the right to capriciously amend the syllabus in any way he deems fit, especially if he figures out that he missed something pretty important when he first sat down to write it.

We probably won't take a break durring the middle of class. My experience has been that students prefer to just zoom through and get class over with.

If we can cover the material thoroughly and completely, I have no problem with excusing class early; I do not intend to keep you all in class until 9:30pm "just because".

Students who do not speak English as their first language may use an English-to-[name of your native language here] dictionary on days of tests.

No extra credit will be offered for this class.

Late assignments will not be accepted. If you do not turn in your assignments by the due date, you will get a zero for the assignments you didn't turn in.

There will be no makeup tests and no re-tests offered. The only exceptions to this rule will be for legitimate excuses like: "I got in a car wreck" or "I was having a baby the night of the exam". One other excuse that I might buy is if you have to be out of town for a business trip, but I expect to be told in advance about that sort of thing.

Requests for a higher grade will not be honored, even if this is your last class before graduating, or your visa is about to expire. You will receive the grade that you earn.

On nights of exams, students will be required to ask whether tests are open neighbor.