Assignment #1 - HTML Report

Write a report on some Internet topic in HTML.

Here are some examples of topics you might choose:

Here is a list of the HTML formatting that I expect to see in your report:

As this report will not be printed on paper, it is somewhat difficult to specify how long it should be. Here's a guideline to follow: Make the report long enough to adequately explain your topic. If you think you haven't explained your topic thoroughly enough, make it longer. If you think you're going to bore me, make it shorter.

You are allowed to use a word processor to write your report, so that you may take advantage of features such as spell-checking and thesaurus. However, you are NOT allowed to use any spiffy HTML-generating application; you can only use a text editor to mark-up your report, and a browser to view it in. The idea here is that you learn HTML, not that you learn how to use an HTML-generating app.

With that in mind, your HTML code should be clean and readable. Use indenting newlines, and whitespace where appropriate to make your code clean and legible. Also, use comments to label things like the starting and ending of big tables and the like. Here is the goal to shoot for: I should be able to read your report either in a browser or in a text editor and be able to read it perfectly either way.

Things to Remember

Due Date

This assignment is due on February 11th, 1999.


2/2/98 - Added a few suggestions to the list, added the "Things to Remember", added the allowance for using a word processor.

2/6/98 - Added the note about how to view your report through a browser (i.e. never put in public_html)