Resources for CS3230

This page will serve as a clearinghouse for links to information at other sites. Hopefully, this information will be valuable for the CS3230 class.

As this is an Internet class, it is appropriate that all the docs you need for class are found on the Internet. This means you do not need to buy any books. If you have already bought books, decide for yourself if you want to keep them. Additionally, I might reccommend a few books in class that you might want to check out.

This page is divided into three sections to reflect the three portions of the class: 1) HTML & Internet infrastructure, 2) Java, and 3) CGI programming with Perl.

Any link that has a *** next to it is a link to on-line documentation that should be considered the "official" or main documentation that you will want to use for class.

Note that on many of these sites there are links to locations where you can download a huge tarball/zipfile of the docs for offline viewing (probably a good idea).

Additional Note: If any of you can find other docs / sites on the web that you think would be particularly helpful or informative, send me an email and I will post a link to it on this page.



As mentioned before, you are not required to purchase any books for class, but if you would like to, I would reccommend that you look at the following:



Perl & CGI


Other Tidbits

Last updated: 4/01/98