Resources Page for CS 3100

This page is designed to be a clearinghouse of links to other sites that contain technical / background information on various operating systems and operating system concepts.

If you want to add to / improve the content here, send me a message.

There is also a good deal of useful information in the back of your book in the appendicies.

Last updated on 9 July, 1999

OS Listings

The following are links to extensive listings of various operating systems. You can find lots of info & links on these pages.

Specific Operating Systems

The following is a listing of specific operating systems with links to home pages and technical documentation.

Distributed Systems

General Operating System Research

Historical Perspective


Security Related Sites

If you're interested in doing a report on security, there's a bunch of places you could look.

File Systems

More files and how to manage them.

News & Editorial Sites

Some of these might be interesting. Don't count on finding too much technical content here, though.

Last updated: 18 July 1999