CS 3100 - Review for Midterm

Test Sections

Please note that the following outline is tentative only and subject to wild, capricious changes as Mark makes up his mind.

The test will tentatively be divided into three major sections.

  1. Fill-in-the-Blank - 20 question @ 2 points each = 40 points - These questions will test you on some of the more important terms and concepts we have discussed. I have repeated them often enough in class that they should be ringing in your ears by now.

  2. Matching - 30 questions @ 1 point each = 30 points - You will match terms to their definitions. These will test you on some of the terminology we have reviewed.

  3. Short Answer - 6 questions @ 5 points each = 30 points - These questions will test you on some of the big-picture concepts we have discussed. Some of them will ask you to compare / contrast two opposite or complementary concepts.

  4. Bonus Question - 1 question @ 2 points

Things To Review

I have followed the book very closely in class and I will do so on the test as well. You should therefore use the book as your core study material and pay attention to the following things.

That's it. Good luck.