Mark's Fudge RPG Resources

Fudge Character Sheet - Takes up half of an 8.5" x 11" page. PDF format.

Fudge Cheat Sheet - Summary of rules that prints on 2 pages. Doesn't include character creation notes. Does include some notes on the simple magic system (e.g. Hedge / Clerical magic).

Fudge Fright Check Table - An invention of my own, inspired by the GURPS Fright Check table.

Fudge Steampunk Characters - I noticed a dearth of resources on the Internet for Fudge Steampunk stuff. Presented here are 18 ready-to-play characters for use in a Fudge Steampunk campaign. Includes numerous notes at the bottom re: character creation, clarifications on attributes, gifts, flaws, skills, etc.

Victorian Money Converter - Converts from modern US dollars to Victorian-era pounds/shillings/pence.


Official Fudge RPG Website - Sponsored by Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

Fudge RPG TiddlyWiki - Rules & clarifications for Fudge (incl. all of the SRD content), nicely organized, indexed & searchable. - Rules, how to adapt other systems to Fudge, links & oddments.

Fudge RPG Community - On Yahoo Groups. Features a searchable archive of postings from mailing lists

Fudge System Reference Document - A free-for-use PDF that contains (most of) the text from the printed book.

Fudge in One Page! - Another great li'l fan-made "cheat sheet".