Henry Charles (H.C.) Dennison

a.k.a. "The Scarlet Raven"

Player: Mark Whitley

Character Points: Starting: 110, Earned: 33, Spare: 11 1/2


ST: 9 -- Thrust: 1d-2, Swing: 1d-1, Punch: 1d-1, Kick: 1d+1
DX: 14
IQ: 13 -- Fright Check: +2, Recover from Stun: +6
HT: 9
Sense: 10

Speed: 5.75 (Base) + .75 (Running) = 6.5
Move: 5 (Base) = 5
Dodge: 5 (Base) + Bonuses = 8
Parry (Barehand): 10 (Karate) + Bonuses = 13
Block (Cloak): 7 (Cloak) + Bonuses = 10

Bonuses to all Active Defenses: + 1 (CR) + 2 (PD)


Combat Reflexes (15) -- +1 Initiative in Surprise, +1 to any Fast Draw skill
Unusual Background (10) -- Esoteric / Psi Skills
Psi - ESP (15): PL 5
Psi - Healing (15): PL 5
Contact - Chemist, Bob Barker (10) -- BL3, quite often, very reliable (also my boss)
Contact - Underworld, Boots Malloy (2) -- BL1, infrequently, unreliable


OPH - Obvious Misfit (-5): -1 reaction from everyone (When people first meet him and see the Ganesha broach on his vest, smell the curry on his breath, and hear him yakking about his personal contributions to the Karma Sutra, they're gonna take a big step back.)
Reputation amongst underworld as a do-gooder (-2.5): -1 reaction from underworld
Reputation amongst police as a no-goodnik (-2.5): -1 reaction from police - Bought off after the "Bedlam in London" adventure
Cannot Harm Innocents (-10)
Sense of Duty (-10): Rescue Innocent Downtrodden (explanation)
Struggling (-10)


Catch phrases: "Good lad", "Cheers", "Very flash"
Tries to be friendly to everyone, especially toward other misfits/outcasts.
Dislikes upper-class
Calls people "squire"
Always wants to tell you about "Hindu mysticism" and life in India


Skill T/D Pts Lev Notes
Combat Skills
Karate PH 8 15 BH Dmg+3, Parry=2/3
Kicking PH 2 15 Reach+1
Sweep Kick PH 2 15 Knockdown
Spin Kick PH 2 15 Feint+Attack
Knee Strike PH 0 14 Def: Karate-1, Dmg: 1d6
Cloak PA 2 14 Block=1/2, Can be thrown
Tonfa PH 0/1 8/12 Def: DX-6, Parry=2/3, Arm Lock
OHWT: Tonfa PH 0/1 4/9 Def: Tonfa-4, Parry=2/3
Gun:S/W Rus. PE 0 10  
Esoteric Skills
Hindi MA 1/2 10  
Nei Tan MVH 1 10 Recover 1 Fatigue
Meditation(G) MVH 4 12 +2 to Mental Skills
Meditation(L) MH 1 12 Recover Fatigue 2x
Yin-Yang Healing MH 2 12 =Physician
Psionic Skills
Psi Healing MH 6 14 1 HT/min=1 Fat, 1 HT/sec=2 Fat
Clairvoyance MH 1 11 PL^2/ft (25ft), +4 to Lockpicking
Clairaudiance MH 1/2 10 PL^2/yds (75ft)
Precognition MH 1/2 10 Active use -10
Theif Skills
Streetwise MA 1 12 Use in place of Reaction
Stealth PA 1 13  
Sleight of Hand PH 1/2 11  
Lockpicking MA 1 12  
Disguise MA 1/2 11  
Outdoor Skills
Survival (City) MA 1 12  
Athletic Skills
Acrobatics PH 1/2 11  
Throwing PH 1 12 Use for Darts
Climbing PA 1/2 12  
Running PH 1/2 6 Add 1/8 to Basic Speed
Social Skills
Bard MA 1/2 11 -1 in Hindi
Diplomacy MH 0 7 Use in place of Reaction (safe)
Fast Talk MA 2 13 Use in place of Reaction
Merchant MA 1/2 11  
Medical Skills
Diagnosis MH 1/2 10 Clairvoyance help?
First Aid ME 0 8  
Professional Skills
Accounting MH 1/2 10  
Additional Skills


TODO: Need to fill this in

Character History

Henry Charles Dennison was always a very active, chatty child who liked to learn but didn't fit in well with the other children. Often he got in fights or got poor marks in school. At age 15, his parents sent him off to school at a Brittish colony in India; they could do this because they were fairly well-to-do and wanted him out of their hair. H.C. loved his life in India where he learned Hindi, Karate, some healing arts, and developed his Psi skills at the feet of the Scarlet Raja. Additionally, he developed great feelings of pity toward the poor and downtrodden in India. He returned to London at around age 22 and found that he was more of a misfit than ever, and was disgusted to see the condition of the poor and working class in his own country. He's had trouble finding a job and has resorted to doing some paid (or unpaid) theiving jobs to help make ends meet.


I try to do his accent like a cross between Dangermouse, Zaphod Beeblebrox, and Craig Charles (Lister).

I chose the name "H.C." because I wanted a name that would sound like H.G. Wells or H.P. Lovecraft.

In hindsight, I probaby would have gotten Luck instead of Combat Reflexes.

After a few adventures, H.C. has finally landed a steady job working for Bob Barker, his Chemist contact. In addition to stocking shelves, with his Accounting skills he can help balance the books! (Just as soon as Bob decides he can trust him to manage the books...)

Here are my goals for H.C.'s character growth.

Adventure History

A Horse by Any Other Name - 7 points -- this is where I picked up the Accounting skill.
Randonium! - 8 points
Fairy Jamboree - 10 points
Bedlam in London - 8 points - bought off my -1 reputation among Police