The Gamers

Here's a list of the folks in our Victorian GURPS gaming circle:

Mark Whitley - I'm the guy who first pitched the idea of using the GURPS system and doing a Victorian campaign. I'm also the guy who put up the website you see before your mortal eyes. Mark plays H.C. Dennison, the Hindu-schooled misfit.

Jared Whitley - Jared is our resident rulemeister. when everyone else pulls out their swords to defeat the baddies, Jared pulls out the rulebook. These skills have been a tremendous help in getting us all up to speed on things like character creation and game systems. He's also GMed a lot. He's made huge additions/edits to this website as well: many of the new advantages/disadvantages on this site are courtesy of Jared. Jared has played an enormous raft of characters including: Canadaman, Canadian freedom-fighter and patriot, Lady Jane Fairfax, math teacher and freelance accountant, and The DiRECtor!, and Gabriel Grub aka "The Sexton".

Ryan Workman - Nobody laughs harder when you mess up his character than Ryan does. Fun for the whole family. Ryan plays Galandra, the drop-dead gorgeous nature lover who can breathe fire!. Ryan has also played a Russian were-bear.

Andrew King - No one plays the "High Society" role better than Andrew. Thank heavens it's just an act. (Right?) Andrew plays Sir Percival Blakely, Baronette, five six time winner of the Basilton Steeplechase.

Blake Barlowe - Blake is our resident actor (pronounced "ack-TOR"). Seriously, he's an actor. His acting / voice experience make him a lot of fun to play with. Blake plays Killkenny Kinkaid, an American gold-digger who spent a lot of years in the Yukon and is hard to impress. He has also played "Biter" a freak-show performer who can eat anything and has a terrible stutter.

Erik Andersen - It has been a long time since Erik did any gaming, and he is thankful to have found a fun group. Erik plays Goliath the Gypsy giant, and The Great Lombardo, stage hpnotist.

Doug James - Doug used to play Dungeons & Dragons at every spare moment when he was in the Marines. It's been a while since he had a group to play with, and he's glad to be gaming again. Doug has very good "player instincts", no doubt due to a combination of his Marine training and all-nighter D&D sessions. Doug plays Collin O'Brian, an Irish-American Ex-Marine, working as a mercenary in England.

Honourable Mention

The following folks haven't done any gaming with us but have made significant contributions to this site and to our overall gaming experience.

Colleen Whitley - Mark and Jared's mother, and the holder of a Masters degree in English. With her formidable background in English literature, she has proven a great asset in helping make the Victorian Themes page.

Brook West - The man who introduced me (and vicarously, us) to GURPS in the first place, Brook has always gotten a kick out of hearing about our wacky hi-jinks.

Tim Hewitt - A Victorian gamer who found this website and made some contributions to the themes page. His additions are annotated with [TH]. His own page can be found right here.