Mark's Hearts Tips

By Mark Whitley
Initial Revision: 3 Sept 1997
Updated: 9 March 1999

This little side of the Web gives Mark's guidelines and strategies for the game of Hearts.

  1. Intro - Basic rules and some philosophizing.
  2. Terminology - Common terms and their definitions.
  3. One-Liners - Tidbits of dimestore wisdom to remember as you play.
  4. Styles of Play - Various fashions of playing or "roles" that a player could take on durring a game.
  5. Advanced Tactics - More devious and involved strategies.
  6. Links - Other Hearts resources on the Web.

Fellow Hearts enthusiast "Fernand G." has graciously made a PDF version of the above Hearts tips. It is provided here for downloading for easy off-line reading. Thanks Fernand.

Mark's Hearts Tips (PDF)

"On Hearts" by Gerald M. Berns

It is with no small pleasure that I make available here the paper "On Hearts" by Gerald M. Berns. I read this paper several years ago and it was a great inspiration to me in writing my own Hearts strategy pages. With his permission, I post it here.

On Hearts by Gerald M. Berns

This page currently serves as the help file for the computer game "Killer Hearts", also written by Gerald Berns.