Mark's Risus Page

This is my collection of Risus oddments. For those of you who don't know what Risus is, check out The Official Risus Page by S. John Ross. In a nutshell, Risus is a simple, freeform role-playing system that operates on the basis of "cliches", rather than attributes, skills, powers, or any of the other customary stats that you'd expect to see in most other RPGs. What follows is my own little collection of cliches and rules that I've come up with.

Risus Fantasy Cliches - Cliches for races and occupations that a fantasy character could have.

Risus Magic Objects - Some rules for making magic objects in fantasy campaigns.

Risus Martial Arts Cliches - A distillation / synopsis of the kinds of characters you see in lots of corny martial arts movies.

Risus Character Ideas - A mish-mash of different genres & themes. Notable entries include: an Industrial Accident Robot, a Cynical Gen-X Hipster, a Vietnamese Dry Cleaner, a Magical Doe-Eyed Unicorn, and an Indian Tech Support rep.

Adventure Time Characters for Risus - What time is it? Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King... They're all there.

Puppycat Risus Character of 'Bee and Puppycat' fame.

Risus Cheat Sheet (PDF format) that I use with new players. Has all the basic rules on the first page, and helps & optional rules on the second page.