The Curious Curiosity Shop

This is a "Fantasy Themed" Victorian adventure that takes place inside Quinn's curiosity / antiquities shop. It is not a combat-heavy adventure, but it will probably require some athletic skills (climbing, hiking, maybe even swimming) so players can use non-combat characters if they feel like it, as long as they can do a little heavy lifting. It is much more of a "puzzles and traps" style adventure.

Introduction - The "hook" that gets the adventure started. Quinn want's the characters to look after his shop and sell an expensive set of Tarot cards to an eccentric buyer.

The Shop - Various odities, rooms, traps, and secret passegeways that the party will discover. There are a variety of rooms in the shop. Some of them may sound like rooms from the Clue board game--It's just a coincidence.

Fantasy Land - A magical place into which the PCs are whisked away in the course of poking about in the shop. There is a deposed king that must be restored to his throne.

Conclusion - I still need to write this.

Tables - Some tables to use for determining what kinds of traps, oddities, or magic items the characters might discover.