Grecian GURPS

Olympians. Democracy. Culture. Silly Voices.

Here's some of the resources we use for playing GURPS in a Grecian setting. Given that the 'G' stands for "Generic", I would hope that this information would be useful to anyone doing Grecian gaming, regardless of the game system they're using.

Gameworld - A description of the Grecian-era gameworld we play in. Tech Level, Mana level, etc.

House Rules that we are playing with in this campaign.

Campaign Goals - Large-scale objectives that the characters are meant to accomplish over the course of the whole campaign. These are designed to give some harmony to all the adventures and provide gamemasters with adventure seeds.

Character Ideas - For those who are wondering what kind of character they might make in an Ancient Greece setting.

Notable People of the Grecian era.

Links - A collection of WWW links to GURPS and other RPG resources and general information on the Grecian era.

Character Sheets

Player Characters

Character sheets go here

Non-Player Characters

Noteworthy and recurring figures in this campaign.



None yet.


Geometric Greecian Gaiety - An adventure that mixes Grecian Math and Myth.


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