Mark's MECCG Notes


I kinda got on the MECCG / METW bandwagon a little late in the game. I've picked it up about 3 different times now with different house rules every time. I'm getting closer-ever-closer to the way it's actually supposed to be played (by the book). I didn't get into the game (even the first time I played) until after most of the hype had already passed away. Now Iron Crown Enterprises has gone under and the only place I can get my cards from is auction sites like Ebay. Oh well, it's still a good game, and here are some notes from "within the learning process"; IOW, I am not an expert or a tournament winner or anything, just a fan with a keyboard and a net connection.

Card Ideas some cards ICE didn't make but should have.

Deck Building - Guidelines on building a deck.

Basic Utility Cards - Ones that should be in most any deck.

Notes on Hazards - Thoughts and musings on Hazards split into various categories.

Resource Support Cards: Resource cards that you can use to help you in combat, with movement, vs. big nasties, etc.

Card Manipulation: Getting cards from here to there, peeking, etc.

House Rules that we play with.


Elves in Rohan - Fairly tight site deck and fast-moving. Wilderness strategy w/ Radagast, Doors of Night, cards to convert the site path all to Wildernesses, Roadblock hazards and Drakes for the creature portion.

Rivendell Recycler - Very tight site deck centered around Rivendell that uses Radagast and lots of recyclers to compensate for the low draws. Orc Hazards with Doors of Night and auto-attack enhancers.