Mark's Musings

Random thoughts, reflections, analysis, and partially complete ideas of mine.

An explanation of polymorphism intended for a programming audience that knows how to write code but doesn't really grok polymorphism and wants to know when it would be useful.

Musings on the D&D 3rd Edition Rules that uses the d20 system, which I've grown to enjoy quite a bit.

The Whitley Jargon File which I post here to the shame and embarrassment of all my kin.

Musings on Python A neat little OO scripting language that I've developed a fondness for.

Musings on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I've become fascinated with this grappling style. Here's some notes on what I've learned about it.

Read my Musings on Futuristic Genres, a breakdown of the various Science Fiction genres as I see them.

In my Musings on Buddhism I present a number of Buddhist teachings and parables that have made an impression on me, and draw some comparisons between Buddhism and Christianity.

I have also written some Musings on Intellectual Property and Intellectual Liberty. I believe there are some problems with the Intellectual Property laws currently on the books in the U.S. and world-wide. This page contains some thoughts of my own and a large assortment of links to external articles as well.

My contributions to the website. The majority of these were accepted.

I made up a little free / universal RPG system called Rasta, which is largely unfinished but contains a germ of a good idea.