Mark's Musings

Random thoughts, reflections, analysis, and partially complete ideas of mine.

An explanation of polymorphism intended for a programming audience that knows how to write code but doesn't really grok polymorphism and wants to know when it would be useful.

Musings on the D&D 3rd Edition Rules that uses the d20 system, which I've grown to enjoy quite a bit.

The Whitley Jargon File which I post here to the shame and embarrassment of all my kin.

Musings on Python A neat little OO scripting language that I've developed a fondness for.

Musings on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I've become fascinated with this grappling style. Here's some notes on what I've learned about it.

Read my Musings on Futuristic Genres, a breakdown of the various Science Fiction genres as I see them.

In my Musings on Buddhism I present a number of Buddhist teachings and parables that have made an impression on me, and draw some comparisons between Buddhism and Christianity.

My contributions to the website. The majority of these were accepted.

I made up a little free / universal RPG system called Rasta, which is largely unfinished but contains a germ of a good idea.