IT 218 - Robocode Project

This page contains everything you need to know about your Robocode project for the Java 1 class.

Description of Robocode Project - IOW, what I'm expecting you to write and turn in.

Robocode Lessons

Week 1 MyFirstRobot - Follow the instructions on this page to make your first bot.

Week 2 Battlefield Basics - Fundamentals of the coordinate system, turning with degrees, bearings, moving, and responding to wall hit events.

Week 3 Basic Sanning - Your robot's senses, deriving from AdvancedRobot, 2 different ways to move the radar.

Week 4 Improved Scanning - using an EnemyBot class to track a single enemy, picking the closest target. You need to do the the EnemyBot homework for this one.

Week 5 Basic Targeting - Aiming your gun to point at a scanned enemy, firepower calculation, normalizing a bearing, avoiding premature firing.

Week 6 Improved Targeting - absolute vs. normalized bearings, using an AdvancedEnemyBot class for linear predictive targeting. You need to do the the AdvancedEnemyBot homework for this one.

Week 7 Basic Movement - squaring off, circling, and dodging bullets by strafing.

Week 8 OutputBot - Dumps output to a file for help with debugging (especially for debugging predictive targeting).

Week 9 Improved Movement - avoiding walls with a custom condition, and making a multi-mode bot. The PartsBot lab dovetails nicely with this discussion.


Official Robocode Website hosted / sponsored by IBM.

Install Robocode

Robocode API - A listing of all classes, methods, events and so forth.

Rock 'em, sock 'em Robocode! - A great beginner's tutorial on how to make a robot.

Rock 'em, sock 'em Robocode: Round 2 - A follow-up to the above article, this discusses more advanced techniques.

Another page full of Robocode links