CS 3230 - Internet Multimedia and Applications

AKA: "The Java Class"

This is the home page for the Weber State Java programming class. Links will appear in the section below to class notes and assignments as the weeks go by.

Class Notes

Syllabus for this course.

Class Schedule Including a week-by-week, day-by-day breakdown of chapters we will be going over, lab assignments, and dates when tests will occur.

Robocode Project - Description, links, notes.

Writeup of Application Project that you need to turn in.

Ideas for Application Project to help you think of something interesting and challenging.

Software programs that we use in the lab.

Links to resources out on the Web. Including explanations and code samples. Make use of these, they're handy.

Rich Fry's News Page - Check in here to see if there's any news for WSU students taking classes at the SLCC campus. (Stuff like classes being canceled, hollidays, that kind of thing.)