Mark's Mahjongg Pages


I have a taste for Mahjongg (sometimes spelled "Mah Jongg" or "Majiang"). The byzantine scoring rules and multitude of special limit hands -- each of which sports its own classy nickname -- is a testament to the antiquity and richness of this game. Here's some of my pages on it.

Rules we play with - I heard a quote once: "The day after mah-jongg was created, it was played at a second table, with a second set of rules." In that spirit, I have written down the rules we like to play with, which I trust are different from any other set. (Prints on two pages)

Basic Scoring for pungs / kongs / pairs and certain winning conditions. (Prints on one page)

Doubles Table listing the conditions under which you double your hand and how many times. (Prints on one page) Alternatively, here is a longer version with even more doubles.

Special Limit Hands Any of these will give you 500 points. (Prints on one page)

Winning Combinations - Tables and descriptions of both basic and advanced tile arrangements that can lead to a winning hand.

Advice on Discarding - Targeted toward new players who have difficulty selecting a tile to discard.

Jargon Terms that we often use when playing.

Links to other Mahjongg sites on the web.